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YOOX Social


Our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) are intended to be welcoming places that encourage sharing and remain open to all users and comments.

In alignment with our core values, we welcome discussion and comments with the hope of maintaining a level of respect and reciprocal understanding.
We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions if they are relevant to the particular discussion. We reserve the right to:

  • remove irrelevant comments in a particular discussion, comments related to external sites or those that contain unauthorized promotional material;
  • delete offensive comments made against YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group and other users;
  • contact the relevant authorities in the case of copyright violation, defamation and unauthorized disclosure of personal data to third parties;
  • report inappropriate content to Facebook and Twitter, who can adopt the measures they consider appropriate.

For privacy reasons, we ask that you do not to share any information regarding orders and personal data publicly. 

To receive assistance and information related to Customer Care, please contact us via private message on Facebook or Twitter, otherwise found in the dedicated area.
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