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Now you can cheer on the Museums League too with the exclusive scarf!

You should never believe what Maurizio Cattelan says.

If you really thought he was going to leave the art scene for good, you were fooled. Maurizio Cattelan shows no signs of disappearing, with unique works continuing to pop up every so often, such as “America”, the solid gold toilet casually installed in the bathrooms of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, a tribute to the work of Duchamp who paved the way for more or less all conceptual art of the last century. However, above all, whatever Maurizio does, his magic touch now has the power to transform every thought, word or action into Art with a capital A. Maurizio Cattelan can’t just stop “making” art because he “is” an artist, and therefore his vision of the world and his structure of thought are, regardless, those of an artist.

And he’s not just any artist, but one of the ten or fifteen artists to have left a mark on the art of their era, who artists to come will remember, whether for his works, extraordinarily effective and perfectly placed within the spirit of their time, or for all his other related projects - whether magazines, events or designs - that he has produced and continues to produce.

And so, last but not least, we arrive at Made in Catteland, a new concept of art that is unique precisely because it is “mass-produced”, such as the scarves for “Museums League”.

An ode to joy that transports the world of art to everyday life through football.

With a juxtaposition that is almost paradoxical, museum spaces are likened to stadiums - both places in which people come together and share a common passion - thanks to Cattelan’s hooligan “gadgets”, spread virally and transformed into a collective and participative work of art. However, he doesn't stop there. Cattelan has offered, exclusively for YOOX, a work related to “Museums League”, but which surpasses the concept of simply supporting your favorite museum to become an independent, unique object. Behind an ironic phrase like “Make love like war” - a paraphrase of the famous pacifist motto “Make love not war” - there are numerous possible meanings that make this scarf a true work of art: a work that is both open-ended and unique.

“Make love like war”: Eros and Thanatos, love and death, primary and inseparable instincts, to put it à la Freud.

But is that right? Is that the meaning that the artist wanted to convey? Maybe, or maybe not, judging from the two profaning toilets on either end. But this is the poetic style of Maurizio Cattelan: no certainties, only possibilities. And, so? Don’t believe what he says!


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