Federico Tosi's galaxies of light

A YOOX exclusive

The infinite sky lies above. Galaxies unfurl, enthralling and mesmerising mankind, a constant metaphor for our existence, there to remind us of our place in the universe. From the madness of Orlando to the Moon Landing, whose fiftieth anniversary falls this year,

space has always exerted an irresistible attraction for scientists, authors and artists alike.

No less so for Federico Tosi, a young and intense artist who boldly ventures into space, seeking the deepest secrets of matter and the vast, ever expanding universe. With the purity and curiosity of a child scribbling with felt-tip pens, in these three extraordinary pieces produced exclusively for YOOX, Federico Tosi creates layer upon layer of light and dark, truly seeing and understanding all that the mysterious and complex universe has to offer those who know how and where to look.