exclusively for YOOX

The perpetual challenge to the complexity of matter

Meticulous and demanding, the two young and experienced designers known as Formafantasma, or Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi, have now proven the depth and originality of their work. Driven by an unstoppable attraction to matter, whose form is the consequence of its own complexity,

they have successfully manipulated photons and lava in turn to create unique objects full of evocative power.

The Italian duo based in Netherlands has now teamed up with Bitossi, creating an extraordinary collection exclusively for YOOX, inspired by the works of Aldo Londi.

In line with their usual creative approach, Studio Formafantasma has reinterpreted classic pieces from the Bitossi collection, starting from an extensive archival research. The outcomes are three cylindrical vases and a centrepiece created on the lathe, tearing off the top of each piece before it was fired, allowing the material to react with its very nature, forming cracks and imperfections that make each individual piece unique.

The unique pieces for YOOX are precursors of the Clay collection that Bitossi will unveil at the Salone del Mobile 2019, thinner than those designed for YOOX, so that they can be produced in series.Alongside the ceramics, YOOX is delighted to introduce the Pigmento collection by Turkish brand Nude Glass, traditional glass with pigment added during the blowing process, and also the pure, minimalist Wirering lamp created by Flos.

A tribute and a wager on two of the best innovators of Italian design in the whole world.