The rebellious classics
of Fornasetti

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One of the most influential and imaginative Italian artists and designers of the twentieth century, Piero Fornasetti was a restless and surreal genius, driven by an unbridled creativity that prompted him from an early age to fill his notebooks with the images that swarmed in his mind. He fled his middle-class destiny and sought refuge in the Brera Art Academy that proved too far removed from his creative ideas. Fornasetti found his mentor and close friend, Gio Ponti, in the Deus ex machina of Milanese visual culture of the first half of the last century, thanks to the wonderful silk scarves that marked the start of his prolific career.

They shared the same enthusiasm and brilliance, the thought that the old and the new are by no means unable to co-exist but, on the contrary are the path to creating a new idea of beauty that is both classic and popular. Fornasetti combined surreal images with simple objects, finding inspiration in old books acquired along the way, as well as in works by Piero della Francesca, Giotto, Pompeian paintings, Renaissance art and metaphysical painting, using great virtuosity, subtle irony and the utmost originality to create unprecedented and fascinating images.

Almanacs, furniture, all kinds of objects, Domus covers, the most daring metaphysical experiments, his absolute love for his muse from yesteryear, Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri, to whom Piero dedicated hundreds of images and objects, never ceasing to live, breathe and paint his obsession with her face.

A staunch defender of applied arts and design as the highest form of art, Fornasetti fought against the subjugation of form for function, in the belief that an idea of Beauty as an ethical feeling went far beyond the daily use of an object.

An aesthete and an intellectual who defied all the rules, a rebellious and revolutionary soul, curious and nonconformist but also contemplative and incredibly artistic, he lives on in his son Barnaba, a worthy descendant of his father who is continuing the family tradition and experimental approach that made the Fornasetti name famous all over the world. YOOX is now exclusively presenting a small but extraordinary collection of objects with exquisite and intriguing designs, divine beauty and elegant sensuality. Don't miss it!