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"The Furla Society"


The Furla Society is a celebration of femininity through a selection of female characters, stories and personalities, all with an array of contrasting styles. Discover the new collection of Furla bags and accessories that represent your own style and character.

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Fiorita is an advocate for freedom of expression: self-confident, charming, and innately elegant. Adventurous and cheerful, she always speaks her mind.

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Aruba’s charismatic personality attracts constant attention. Lively and passionate, the sees the world as a kaleidoscopic adventure.

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Arabesque is an expert in the art of mystery. A complex and cryptic personality, opening the door to an exciting new world where anything is possible.

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Nuvola is sweet and innocent with a genuine sense of enthusiasm and an upbeat personality. She has an innate elegance and her positive energy is contagious.

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Pitone leaves her mark wherever she goes. Her magnetic energy is unstoppable. A glamorous goddess with an answer for everything and a style to die for.

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