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Best of Europe:
ecce Homo Faber

Crafting a more human future

The great Homo Faber exhibition, organized by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, “Crafting a more human future” is the first major cultural event dedicated to European craftsmanship, taking place at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice from September 14th to 30th. The exhibition, conceived as a journey of discovery into the wealth of skills and creativity demonstrated by the best artisans and designers across Europe, is centered around fourteen thematic stops along a path paved by internationally renowned designers, curators and architects. Amongst these is the Best of Europe space, curated by gallery owner Jean Blanchaert and designed by architect Stefano Boeri, which will bring together the very best of artistic craftsmanship and give the public the chance to admire the result of the unrivaled mastery of the selected artisans.

Adi Toch

Cara Murphy

The principle of the exhibition is simple yet effective: to give space and visibility to local expertise that represents a rich cultural heritage defined by variety and diversity, stimulated by artisans who rely on techniques and materials deeply rooted in their places of origin, in a close dialog between the specific characteristics of various traditions and the overall stroboscopic vision of our continent.

Nicholas Lees

Hanna Hyving


For the occasion, YOOX has the pleasure of hosting a section in its Design+Art area dedicated to some of the artists showcased in the exhibition. Amongst these is Anglo-Israeli “blacksmith” Adi Toch, who explores the visual language of metal through color, movement, sound and touch; German artist Hanna Järlehed Hyving, who continues to develop her love for ceramic through her fascination with water; Northern Irish silversmith Cara Murphy, who creates silver landscapes inspired by our natural surroundings; Hungarian ceramicist Zsolt József Simon, who is celebrated for his development of organic forms through the creation of objects with intriguing and surreal shapes; English artist Nicholas Lees, who combines porcelain with space and light as physical elements, challenging the rules of visual perception; and last, but not least, Bottega Vignoli, a ceramic workshop in Faenza, producing unique objects characterized by shimmering colors and iridescent finishes through the use of exclusive techniques tied to its family history.

Bottega Vignoli

A diverse panorama that truly reflects the vision of “crafting a more human future” by reconquering the creativity and beauty of artistic craftsmanship.

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