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Married to actor Colin Firth and a Global Ambassador for Oxfam, she is the creative director of Eco-Age, set up in 2007 with her brother Nicola Giuggioli: a consultancy agency for a more aware and ethical lifestyle. Since Spring-Summer 2012, Eco-Age has had a corner on YOOXYGEN, yoox.com’s eco-friendly project, for which Livia personally chooses the best of eco-sustainable fashion, drawing on consolidated and upcoming brands alike.She has a great passion for fashion: Livia, alongside journalist Lucy Siegle, is also the founder of the Green Carpet Challenge – an initiative encouraging fashion designers and celebrities to propose and wear sustainable clothing to red carpet events (vintage or specially made using special, natural or recycled fibers). Thanks to her Green Carpet Challenge, Livia was honored as a UN Leader of Change for 2012, an award bestowed annually by the Foundation for Social Change.
When did you first become interested in the eco cause?
I don’t like to call it the “eco cause”! I have certainly learned a lot since my brother Nicola and I set up Eco Age… But, in general, that’s how we were brought up. I like to think that we Italians have always had an eye for the quality of life and a certain reticence about all-out consumerism. Even though things have changed a lot now in Italy too, there is no excuse for indifference.

What was your very first “green action”?
Making the clothes for my Barbie dolls!

What do you think is the least contaminated place on Earth?
Somewhere I haven’t been to yet.

What’s the ideal place for a green vacation?

Do you have a lucky charm?
I have several, and I always carry them with me. Both on me and in my bag.

What book did you love the most?
“The People Speak”, by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove. Because it reminded me how important it is to speak out and how history is made by ordinary people. We are history.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
During the week? Complain. Because it's always too early!

Name a film you love to watch over and over…
“A Single Man” by Tom Ford. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, but I still find it moving.

Do you have a favorite song?
Not just one, all of Bruce Springsteen’s songs.

What’s the best compliment anyone ever gave you?
“You’re a bit crazy”.

Your favorite dress?
The ones I inherited from my mother.

Dog or cat?
Dog every time. Although I love my cat dearly.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Rolling Stones.

Sea or mountains?

Summer or winter?

Black or white?

Literature or math?

Bikini or one-piece?