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S.M.S. Portfolio from the New Museum

Limited edition objects from the swinging sixties

SMS New Museum

Nancy Reitkopf

The S.M.S. Portfolio recounts the very research of those artists who worked hard to break the rules of representation and artistic communication, transforming objects, the body, concerns and ideas into tools of visual representation.

SMS New Museum

John Giorno

SMS New Museum

Enrico Baj

No longer with the aim of conquering eternity with indissoluble works, but to make the instant eternal, the present moment, the contingency that became absolute and universal through the staging. There were obviously some historical bases, like the experiences of Dadaism or futurism, but it was only when the social and political context began to move towards the global movement of change experienced in that decade that it became possible to wave the banner of a new way of understanding art and its relationship with life itself, in the streets and museums of the whole world.

The artist thus refuses to mediate communication with the public through institutional channels, seeking direct, empathic and sometimes brutal contact with his or her audience, creating movements of action and thought. Movements like Pop Art, which raised objects of consumption to art, Nouveau Realisme, which acted on banal objects and trash, Conceptual Art, which lifted the idea above the image, and Fluxus, the great

Bruce Naumann

Today those works – screen prints, collages, documents of those actions and happenings, grainy photos, typed documents, assemblages of objects of evident transience – reveal all their expressive and renewing power with the same freshness as then, offering us a vital impulse and a cultural climate that still strongly influence the art of our day.

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