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An exclusive project
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Tschabalala Self


The iconic New York aesthetic. The desire to break down the boundaries between art, design and fashion. The need to create something unique and unprecedented.

OUR HOUSE represents all of this — a community born from the artistic vision of Tschabalala Self, Brandon Blackwood and Reginald Sylvester II: three creative minds that have come together in perfect harmony.

Discover the objects created for OUR HOUSE

"When thinking about art, it is something that's not just about aesthetics"

Brandon Blackwood

"The customer is the curator"

The Kuei Bag by designer Brandon Blackwood is decorated with the exclusive textile pattern created by Tschabalala Self. It's a hymn to harmony, style and functionality.

Reginald Sylvester II

"Abstraction, for me, is more so about resilience"

Abstraction in art, for Reginald Sylvester II, can be defined as resilience. This can be found in his work, Candle Vessel — the result of his experience and sensitivity, for which Tschabalala Self created the packaging.

Tschabalala Self

The curator behind the Our House project, Self's innovative work can be found in exhibits around the world from New York to London. The artist's preferred method includes painting, drawing and sculpture.

Brandon Blackwood

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Blackwood launched his line of handbags with no formal design training. However, thanks to social media, the fashionable brand has garnered popularity — and in Spring 2021, he debuted his largest collection yet.

Reginald Sylvester II

Originally from North Carolina, Sylvester now resides in NYC. His abstract, sculptural work — which is rooted in social realities and spiritual practice — can be found in museums from Milan to London.

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