Limited editions by the great American artist

An extreme, smart and erudite figure, he roams the art world with his baggage of organic and scatological symbols. He is the romantic and visionary artist Paul McCarthy. Always pushing boundaries, he assaults the senses with his mash-up pieces created from objects, puppets, pornography and ketchup, bringing viewers to the verge of overwhelming nausea which, paradoxically and unexpectedly, takes them to the sublime. And it’s very much the operative word here.

“Sublime” means “at the limit“ in Latin, and few other artistic visions are closer to the limit than McCarthy’s, whether spiritually, intellectually or aesthetically.

McCarthy’s work is immersive and synaesthetic; it is hard to describe but, once seen, impossible to forget.

Sounds, images, objects, smells, sensations and emotions coalesce into something that is always different and greater than the sum of its parts. Today, Paul McCarthy’s work is coming to MiArt, Milan’s international modern and contemporary art fair, with the Hauser & Wirth gallery, which will be dedicating its entire exhibition space to the artist, and to YOOX, with extraordinary limited editions: Rebel Dabble Babble (Four Audio Works), two box sets containing photographic prints and vinyl records with audio from the eponymous installation, which McCarthy created together with his son Damon, and is inspired by the 1955 Hollywood classic Rebel Without a Cause; and three incredible litographs that faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of his seminal works.

Incredibly powerful objects. Not to be missed.