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Terra Pretziada

The precious beauty of design

Hammirabile perla pretziada / hillustrada finesa incumparada / Helogios no cesso de ti dare / he tue no ti dignas de m’amare*.

A treasured, incomparable, yet ungrateful Sardinia, the Sardinia recounted by the poignant verses of poet Zoseppe Moro. A harsh, extraordinary land, rich in its own unique history, art, traditions and craftsmanship, but which must be fled in search of prosperity. The island’s saving grace is tourism, an undeniable resource yet also a stereotype that does not do justice to its complexity and the beauty. However Sardinia will always receive you with open arms time and time again, or welcome you in simply setting up a brand new life - one that refutes the clichés that impoverish it and strip it of its true charm. And that’s exactly what two present-day creatives did, writing their own real-life adventure straight out of a romantic nineteenth-century novel, defined by travel, worldliness, love, family and challenges. Ivano Atzori, a visual artist with a past rooted in subculture, and Kyre Chenven, a fashion set designer with a decade-long career at one of the most authoritative studios in New York.


*Admirable precious pearl / incomparable elegant refinement / I can't stop praising you / and you don't even love me

Pretziada Pretziada

After spending many years in the Big Apple, the couple, along with their two children, decided to embark on a new phase in their lives by returning to Ivano’s place of origin, seeking to build from the bottom up a literal revolution of radical transformation and order reversal. And thus Pretziada was born, an interdisciplinary project that combines design, craftsmanship and storytelling to recount the island’s lesser known and most interesting aspects. Because Pretziada is, above all, the narration of an entire world, explored with an acute curiosity surrounding its culture, its products and its unique artisanal heritage. As such, dialogs, relationships and a network of previously fragmented artisans are formed, enhanced by the vision of two contemporary creatives, resulting in the production of hybrid objects of intense beauty and strength, now available on the YOOX Design+Art area.


This strength is reflected both aesthetically and culturally, such as in the reinterpretation of the traditional Brocca della Sposa (bride’s jug) or in the rugs inspired by typical Sardinian bedspreads. Pretziada, enjoying collaborations with international figures such as the likes of Italian designer Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi and Parisian designer Ambroise Maggiar, received the Design Prize for Best Design Newcomer at the 2018 Salone del Mobile design show . But these two anthropological and utopian ex-cosmopolitan nomads aren't driven by awards, but by their desire to create the best possible world to live in, and, together, to positively contribute to the social climate of a unique territory, one that is still yet to be discovered.

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