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My first designer piece

the feel good factor

To contemplate what our clothes mean to us, and how they make us feel, we talk to eight fashionistas about their first foray into designer fashion.


Clothes mean nothing until someone
lives in them - Marc Jacobs

Josh wears
I'm really into hardwearing brands rooted in workwear or streetwear, and those inspired by military or industrial uniforms. In some ways I guess you could say my Christopher Raeburn is ‘just a red jacket’ but, at the same time, it really isn’t. The vibrant peach undertone, refined cut, strong ribbing and perfect fit make it a cut above anything you could get on the high street.

I needed a jacket
that would stand the
test of time.

I can rely on this jacket in every scenario because it's so adaptable. I can just wear it with a plain white T-shirt, a pair of Carhartt jeans, black and white Vans and my trusty black hat.

Joanna wears
Jeremy Scott
for Adidas
When I discovered that Adidas was teaming up with Jeremy Scott I couldn’t help but get excited - especially when I saw these limited edition tracksuit bottoms. My wardrobe definitely consists of a few pieces that some might consider a bit wacky but, even by my standards, these are pretty ‘out there’ and I didn’t know whether I could pull them off.

I’ve always loved adidas Originals because
the funky prints remind me of festivals and
summer, and these limited edition
tracksuit bottoms are no exception.

Leonie wears
I was instantly drawn towards these bold leggings. McQueen’s iconic skull imagery mixed in with the pattern called out to me and pulling them on was magical. I was hooked, and I had to buy them.

With their cosy warmth
and fierce style, they’ve
seen me right on many
winter night out.

They have a sentimental value and I feel really attached to them. Especially because they were in Alexander McQueen’s last collection before he tragically died.

I love this belt because it gives me something special to add to everyday outfits. I often wear it with black jeans and a black top, so I can really show it off. I chose Moschino because these belts have been around for decades and they have an air of timeless style.

Moschino reminds me of club culture and
bling, both of which I gladly endorse!
I thought a belt won’t go out of style.

Anna wears
I've always been a ‘jeans and a T-shirt from the high street’ kind of girl but, with my 30th birthday looming, I wanted to celebrate by buying something a little more special. Aside from my wedding dress, this one is a definite favourite. It’s fun, comfortable and never fails to put me in the party spirit.

Wearing something I
love gives me a special
kind of confidence and
this design is just the
perfect party dress.

Dom wears
Ted Baker
These boots are perfect. I've had them for a year now and I still love how they look. Fingers crossed I'll have them for another ten.

I think more than with any other kind
of clothing or accessory, with shoes you really
do get what you pay for.

Hayley wears
Vivienne Westwood
I love this little backpack! The subtle pastel colours go really well with Vivienne Westwood’s iconic tartan print. The design is understated and the bag is small, so I can feel elegant without carrying a handbag. I even wear it on nights out! I love the freedom of being able to move with ease without worrying about weight like with other handbags. I can just do what I do without any restrictions.

I’ve always been a big fan of Vivienne Westwood. I’d be overjoyed if I were as bold and wonderful at 76 as she is! Her style is synonymous with flamboyance and wearing this bag makes me feel a little bit more eccentric myself; it gives me a sassy confidence.

Leah wears
Saint Laurent
This Saint Laurent bag is one of the first designer pieces I bought. I enjoy fusing current trends with ageless wardrobe staples like this. For example, it’s fun to play with the juxtaposition of the sleek formality of the bag with something more casual, like ripped jeans. I love this bag because it’s a timeless classic that oozes elegance. Whenever I wear it I get a boost of confidence.

There’s a special feeling of achievement to
be able to finally own an item of clothing
that you’ve spent many years lusting
over in magazines.