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Data Controller

The use of cookies and similar technologies by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. ("YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP" or “the Administrator"), a sole-shareholder company subject to the management and coordination of Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A., with headquarters at Via Morimondo, 17 - 20143, Milan, Italy, is governed by the Administrator’s privacy policy, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 on Personal Data Protection Code (Privacy Code) and the Order of 8 May 2014, “Identification of simplified procedures for providing information about and obtaining consent for the use of cookies” from the Italian Data Protection Authority. YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, in its capacity as Data Controller, acts in compliance with relevant legislation.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser in use and saved on your device when you visit a website like (‘the Website’). Cookies allow the Website to function efficiently and improve its services, in addition to providing information to the Website's owner for statistical or advertising purposes, primarily to personalise your browsing experience by remembering your preferences (for example, remembering the language and currency you set, in order to recognise you at the next visit, etc.).

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?

Our website uses various types of first-party cookies (provided and managed by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP), and third-party cookies (provided and managed by third parties based on their own individual privacy policies and not under the control of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP), each of which has a specific function. The table below explains what they are for.




Navigation cookies

From first access, these cookies allow the Website to function correctly and allow you to view content on your device by recognising the language and market of the country from which you’ve chosen to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognised and to access the services offered from the dedicated areas. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are needed for the functioning of the Website.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow, based on your express request, for you to be recognised when you subsequently access the Website, so that you do not have to enter your information each time (for example: “Remember me next time”). If you have added items into your Shopping Bag and closed the session without completing the purchase and without removing those items, these cookies allow you to continue the shopping experience the next time you access the website (within a limited period), finding the same articles that were selected. Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the website, but rather improve browsing quality and experience.

Analytical cookies

These first-party cookies are the property of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP (Website Administrator) and are used to gather data in anonymous and aggregated form. These cookies are used to prepare statistical analyses on the browsing methods of our Website’s users. YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP uses the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes.

Our own and third-party marketing and profiling cookies

These cookies are aimed at creating user-related profiles to send commercial messages that meet the preferences shown during the visit, or to improve your browsing experience: while you browse our Website, these cookies are useful for showing you products of interest to you or which are similar to those you have viewed. Third-party cookies are those that have been sent by our trusted third-party companies. These cookies allow you to be served with our advertisements on other affiliated websites (retargeting). With third-party cookies we do not have control of the information provided by the cookie and we do not have access to this data. This information is entirely controlled by third-party cookies as described in the respective policy. To find out more about the aforementioned third-party cookies, learn about their respective polices and knowingly decide whether or not to consent to them, visit

Social Network Cookies

These cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our Website. For example, they allow you to express your appreciation and to share it with your friends on social networks. Social network cookies are not necessary for browsing. For more information on the policies regarding the use of social network cookies, consult the respective privacy and cookies policies:







How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?

The majority of browsers are configured to accept, control or potentially disable cookies through the settings. We nevertheless remind you that disabling navigation or functional cookies may affect the functioning of the website and/or limit the service we offer.
Below is the procedure to follow to manage cookies from the following browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Cookie Center
You may at any moment select your preferences in the Cookie Center by activating or disabling the single cookie category. For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, please go to Once on the site, by accessing the “Your Choices” area you can: view the list of third-party companies, our partners, which install cookies on our site (Company); verify the presence and activation status of installed cookies (Status); and manage your consent selectively (On/Off). By expanding the dedicated entry (Info) for each company, you can access more information about the company and, via a link, reach specific information about privacy and cookies. Regarding Criteo, our retargeting service provider, in addition to visiting, you can also provide your consent by following this direct link:

Similar technologies

In order to show you the products that you've already viewed (in the “Recently viewed” section of the Website or App), we also use technology that is similar to cookies (particularly HTML5 Local Storage) which stores information in your device’s local storage. We do not have access to this information. To delete the information saved in local storage on your device, at any time you can proceed as follows.

You can delete the information saved in local storage on your device by clicking the “Delete” button under “See all” in the “Recently viewed” section. Alternatively, you can delete this information using your browser. To use your browser, you need to delete your browsing data by following the instructions at the links below, ticking the “Cookies and website data” box.

The procedures for major browsers are as follows:

Internet explorer:
Microsoft Edge:

Android users can delete App data by going to the “App & notifications” section of the YOOX App, clicking “Storage” and selecting “Clear Storage”.

Android and iOS users can also delete App data through the “Change country in App” option or by reinstalling the App.

Access to Data and Customer Care

You can at any time receive assistance and explanations on how to provide your consent or selective refusal, or on how to delete cookies and similar technologies from your browser, by sending an e-mail to Customer Care, selecting “Privacy” as the topic, or by sending a written request to YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP at the mailing address of the registered office. We will reply to you promptly.

Last updated on 16/03/2021