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Sign up now for our affiliate programme

Sign up now for our affiliate programme

The affiliate programme is simple, free and allows you to profit from every sale made from your site.
Choosing among the various graphic elements and from the product feed made available to you, you are able to enrich your site’s content while offering your visitors the opportunity to access a never-ending selection of products. Our graphics are periodically updated with current exclusive offers.

You may see and monitor the progress of the advertising campaign thanks to the instruments provided by our partner network: YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group Private Network  
Sign up now on  YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group Private Network   After you have subscribed on the site of your chosen partner, look for the program there. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an email informing you whether or not your site has been accepted.
If you have been accepted, go to the platform of our partner and choose the advertising units, text links or product feeds you wish to use on your site. You will also have access to a personal control panel with which you can monitor day-to-day performance.