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Policy Search Engine Marketing and Keyword Advertising Campaign:

Policy Search Engine Marketing and Keyword Advertising Campaign:

The YOOX brand is property of YOOX SpA and is protected by Italian and international laws. For this reason, does not allow its affiliates to purchase the keyword YOOX or words connected to the YOOX brand.
The violation of this rule will result in the exclusion from the affiliate programme and the elimination of all commissions accumulated during the period of affiliation. further reserves the right to undertake legal action in the case of evidence indicating initiatives or activities that could be damaging either to the company or its partners.

Prohibited Keyword Advertising Activities

- It is strictly prohibited to carry out PPC campaigns on search engines. All orders made through search engines will be deleted.

- It is strictly prohibited use the following keywords in any matching: broad, phrase, advanced, specific, exact, quoted etc. The partner is not permitted to purchase the keyword YOOX or any of its various misspellings: YOOX, YOOX.COM, YOOX COM, WWW YOOX, WWW YOOX COM, WWW.YOOX.COM, YOOX.US, YOOXCorporation, YOOX Group, YOOK, YOOKS, JOOX, YOX, JOOK, YOOZ, IUX, YUX. This list is indicative but not exhaustive.

It is forbidden to insert the term YOOX alone or within a phrase in sponsored announcements. The term may not be used in any part of any sponsored announcement: title, description, url and viewing url.
The sponsored announcement must direct the visitor to the URL/Web Site of the partner and not to Once the visitor has entered into the partner’s site, the visitor must be directed to

The “O” may not be substituted with zeros in the word YOOX - (for example - Y00X instead of YOOX) as it will be considered a violation, as would be the use of the keyword YOOX.
It is forbidden to add the symbols ®, © or TM after the word YOOX in any announcement. To improve the conversion taxes it is important to check regularly for new offers, designers and categories offered.

Any promotional announcement must be approved by to verify that it remains in line with their editorial positioning.

Affiliates may only publish promocodes communicated directly to them by us. They are not permitted to disclose personal promotional codes on penalty of cancellation of orders.