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1. Services

YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. ("YOOX") offers you the possibility of using the following services "MYOOX" (the "Services")*:

a) My orders: Track the shipping of your orders, change or return items that are not for you and see the history of your orders.

b) Dream Box: Save the items you wish and watch for their availability.

c) Moneyoox: Choose the simplest and fastest refund method for the items you want to return Use the virtual credit for your upcoming orders.

d) Premiere: Save your searches while shopping and stay updated on new arrivals of the items that interest you most.

e) My Data: Manage your registration data.

f) My Addresses: Save or change your addresses to have them always at hand and complete your purchases faster.

g) My Cart: Save or change your card information and complete your orders faster and always safely.

h) My Sizes: Create your personal profile and only pick products in your perfect size.

i) YOOXMIRROR, available only on the IOS app: Create your own personalized avatar.

2. Registration

If you want to use the Services you must be an adult user, register on creating your Myoox account, and accept these terms and conditions for using the Services ("Terms"). Registration is free of charge. To create your Myoox account, you will need to fill out the registration form by entering the required information, and guarantee to YOOX that the information provided during the registration process is complete, accurate and truthful. In particular, with regards to the uploading of photographic images (“Photos”) for use on the service YOOXMIRROR, you explicitly declare that you are the exclusive and legitimate copyright holder of all copyrights relating to these images. YOOX shall not in any way be held liable for photos of third parties uploaded by you. We will send you an email to confirm your registration. We remind you that the credentials to access your Myoox account must be used exclusively by you, and they cannot be transferred to third parties. Subject to legal limitations, YOOX cannot in any way be held responsible in the event of access to your Myoox account by unauthorized third parties. You are requested to keep your credentials confidential and to immediately inform YOOX if you suspect that there has been an unauthorized access to your Myoox account or if your password has been violated.

For the provision of some Services, it may be necessary to use electronic communication channels (such as e-mail, SMS or telephone). If you want to use these specific services, you will be asked to give your consent to be contacted by YOOX for the related communications by SMS, email or other communication channel.

We also request you to consult, if you have not already done so, our General Terms of Use which form an integral part of these Terms. For any other legal information, consult the General Terms of Sale, Return Policy and Privacy Policy of In the section Right of Withdrawal you can learn about the specific methods of using Moneyoox.

3. Duration and withdrawal

The registration with the Services shall be effective from the moment you receive the confirmation email and for the entire period in which you use the Services.

At any time and for any reason, you can cancel your subscription to the Services by sending a request to our Customer Service and selecting "privacy", or by calling the #phone number. In the event you exercised the right of withdrawal, we will send you an email to confirm the cancellation of the Services.

YOOX reserves the right to cancel your registration with the Services in the event of a violation of the provisions contained in these Terms, or in the event that the data provided was not complete, truthful or accurate, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the damage suffered. YOOX also reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without any prior communication, the provision of the Services, for the time necessary and / or appropriate, to perform all the technical interventions required to improve the quality of the Services. YOOX may, at any time, interrupt the provision of the Services for security reasons.

4. Warning on the Services

YOOX shall do its best to provide an accurate services. Without prejudice to the legal limits, the Services are provided free of charge "AS IS". YOOX does not provide any guarantee, by way of example but not limited to, relating to the quality, the good functioning, the absence of interruptions or the suitability of the Services for an end or a particular result set by the user.

5. Rectification and Update

The present Terms can be amended from time to time in consideration of possible regulatory changes. The new Terms shall be effective as of their date of publication in You are requested to regularly access this section in order to check the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.

6. Terms And Conditions Of The YOOX SuperStar Loyalty Program

Become part of the YOOX loyalty program (hereinafter “YOOX SuperStar”), managed by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A and/or by its associated companies and subject to the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “SuperStar T&Cs”). By participating in the YOOX loyalty program, the user agrees to be bound by the following T&Cs.

Becoming a YOOX SuperStar

To be eligible and participate in the YOOX SuperStar program, you must have a registered YOOX account.

If you meet the requirements to become a YOOX SuperStar, you will be signed up for the program automatically when you spend a minimum of 2,573.00 GBP, 3,000.00 EUR, 3,093.00 USD, 421,455.00 JPY, 11,359.00 AED, 11,615.00 SAR or 24,243.00 HKD according to the currency in use in your location. This total will be calculated based on the amount paid for each of your orders in the preceding 12 months, excluding returns, canceled orders, shipping costs, duties and taxes (“Minimum Spend”).

The Minimum Spend will be updated on your account on a bimonthly basis, however, the value of each order will be added only once the associated return period has ended. The length of the return period is indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the YOOX website. YOOX reserves the right to modify the return period at its own discretion at any time and without prior notice. Make sure to check the most recent version of our website Terms and Conditions and of these SuperStar T&Cs regularly.

Once you join the YOOX Superstar program, your membership will last for a period of 12 months from the date of your choosing.

Make sure to activate our push notifications and emails. This will allow us to send you updates regarding the latest news and exclusive promotions.

If you delete your YOOX account, the calculation of your expenses for the purposes of reaching the Minimum Spend will also be deleted. If you create a new account ex-novo, your participation in the YOOX SuperStar program will restart from the creation date of the new account, as if you were a new client. You will not be able to restore your history on this new account.

If you possess more than one YOOX account, each of them will be considered an account in its own right and it will not be possible to combine them.

General information about the YOOX SuperStar program

Make sure that the contact information on your YOOX account is accurate and up to date. We will not be held responsible for any calculation errors in the Minimum Spend caused by incorrect data provided by the user.

All orders placed on YOOX are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the YOOX website, available here . Please be reminded that all items purchased on YOOX must be used for personal and not commercial purposes.

YOOX SuperStar status is non-transferable and may not be exchanged or converted into cash.

With your consent, we will process information regarding your interests and preferences concerning the contents of the YOOX website, our products and services, which we use to personalize commercial communications and for statistical analyses and surveys. You can update your preferences regarding the commercial communications sent via email from your account. You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the instructions for canceling your membership provided in the footer of YOOX promotional communications. For more information about how YOOX uses your personal data and your rights in accordance with data protection law, please consult our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to modify the perks and the Minimum Spend to participate in the YOOX SuperStar program exclusively at our discretion and at any time.

In the event of a dispute concerning the YOOX SuperStar program or these T&Cs, YOOX's decision shall be considered final and no correspondence or discussion shall be undertaken.

These T&Cs and/or the program and/or the perks associated with the YOOX SuperStar program can be canceled, modified and/or revoked at any time and without notice. You will be informed of major changes via email.

We reserve the right to cancel your membership in the YOOX SuperStar program at any time if we reasonably believe that you have acted fraudulently or in violation of these T&Cs.

The loyalty program does not apply to employees of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A and/or its affiliated companies.

Should you wish to cancel your membership in the YOOX SuperStar program or if you need assistance and/or further information, please contact our Customer Care team here.

*The availability of the Service may vary by country or region. Verify your Myoox account to see which Services are available.