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NUDE COLLECTION - Table accessory
EUR 99,00
  • Beige
  • Light pink
Last one available
Limited availability
    Height 25 cm, Width 16 cm
    kitchen, logo
    Formafantasma is the enigmatic name of a pair of young and dazzling designers who are causing quite a stir, thanks to a unique approach that goes far beyond the limits imposed by industrial design. Form is a phantom because it most certainly is not the focal point at the Netherlands-based studio founded the Venetian and Sicilian duo, Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi. For them, form is variable and remains in limbo, only materialising at the end of a process whose ultimate destination is still unknown. The work of Formafantasma is based on a dialogue between Simone and Andrea’s opposing personalities, devoted to gathering ideas and constructing narratives that lead to something that only at the very end becomes a concrete object, the fruit of such process and therefore never purely aesthetic or self-referential. An object of design that is also a fully fledged work of art because it's born of a process that goes beyond simple – so to speak – industrial design.
Product code: 58046905DG