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YOOX Affiliate Program

YOOX Affiliate Program

If you have a website, you can start earning money through the YOOX.COM affiliate program by offering your visitors a unique selection of exclusive items from internationally renowned brands and designers. It is simple, free of charge and rewards you with generous commissions on every sale generated through your site.

To begin with, we'll provide you with everything you need to set up your links to YOOX.COM; from then on, each time a customer comes from your site to ours and makes a purchase, you'll earn commissions based on the monthly revenues generated by referred visitors*.
*Revenues from qualified sales completed by visitors coming to YOOX.COM from your site in a given month.

In order to become a YOOX Affiliate, you simply need to:
- Read our affiliate program agreement
- Join the program by signing up to one of our affiliate schemes
- Once registered, simply post at least a link or banner on your site
- We'll reward you with a commission on every net sale generated from your site

YOOX.COM Affiliate Agreement:
Please read and accept our affiliate agreement: YOOX Affiliate Agreement (pdf).
You need Adobe® Reader® to read and print this agreement.Click here to download a version of Adobe® Reader®.

JOIN our program on LinkShare:

If you already have an account with LinkShare, and would simply like to join the YOOX.COM affiliate program, click here.
Join the program by signing up to one of our affiliate schemes, click here.
For any further enquiries, please contact us at