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Affiliate programme agreement

Affiliate programme agreement

To its affiliates, YOOX makes available:

  • Promotional Banners constantly updated with content regarding the latest offers and exclusive new items.
  • HTML Banner with a drop down to select designers or product categories.
  • Text links and Deeplinks to invite your users to execute searches according to category or designer.
  • Linking Tool. With the help of Linking Tool you can create and build links that connect to one of thousands of pages.
  • Product feed that can be published in its entirety or from which you can choose products to insert online. You may use the product catalogue by selecting the codes directly from Linkshare or by requesting an XML catalogue from YOOX.
  • NEW! Link Generator. Enables the creation of links with personalized tracking to any page of YOOX. Access to this feature is available only within the network of affiliates.
  • NEW! Dynamic windows. Exactly as a virtual store window from which it is possible not only to see a preview of the product, but view its complete details as well as make purchases.
    Each window may be configured as desired, both in terms of content and graphics.
    The windows are automatically updated according to the fixed settings, thus constantly providing the latest information. Access to this feature is available only within the network of affiliates.
  • Search engines. Creative HTML includes a search engine that allows users to find their desired item or favorite designer.