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Any person or entity may report the presence on the site of specific information that such person or entity believes constitutes illegal content or that violates the general conditions of YOOX.

In accordance with the DSA, to submit a report you will need to provide:

a) a sufficiently substantiated explanation of why the information in question is presumed to constitute illegal content;

b) the exact URL address(es) of the product(s) in question to allow the identification of the content to be reported;

c) the name and email of the person or entity making the report, except in the case of information deemed to relate to one of the offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7 of Directive 2011/93/EU; and

d) a statement confirming your good faith belief that the information and statements contained in the report are accurate and complete.

NB If reports do not contain all of the above information, YOOX may not be able or have sufficient evidence to assess whether the content is illegal and/or violates its terms.

To submit a report, the user must send an email to the following address:

For any inquiries regarding products sold by YOOX, please contact YOOX Customer Care.

Where the report is well founded, we will take appropriate restrictive measures on the relevant content or partner account as appropriate for the specific case. Otherwise, we will notify you.