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Last update: September 2023

The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the sale of products on our website (""). The products purchased on are sold directly by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. (“YOOX”), company with sole shareholder subject to direction and coordination of Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A., with registered office in Italy at via Morimondo 17, Milan 20143, business register number, tax code and VAT number 02050461207, fully paid share capital of EUR 1.384.207,41 or by third-party vendors, which are YOOX’s partners (“Partner/s”). For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the term “Vendor” refers to YOOX and/or its Partners without distinction.

Requests for information should be made through our Customer Care service. For further assistance, please go to our Customer Care area where you will find information on purchases, shipping, refunds and returning products purchased on Remember that you can always contact YOOX through Customer Care.You may contact a Partner using the contact information provided in the pop-up that opens when you click on its name in a product page.

For any other legal information, please visit the following sections: General Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Return Policy.

1. Our Business Policy

The Vendor offers products for sale on and its e-commerce business services are available exclusively to its adult end users, i.e. "consumers".

“Consumer” means any individual who is acting for purposes outside of his or her trade, business or profession. If you are not a "consumer", please do not buy any products on

In consideration of the foregoing, the Vendor may monitor purchasing processes and, in particular, returns requested by customers for the sole purpose of ensuring that product purchases made on the website are for personal consumption only and not, in contrast, linked to trade, business or professional purposes and/or connected with an intent to defraud. Such inquiries are designed to combat and prevent any form of abuse of the return policy and may be opened on the grounds of a series of elements, considering, for example, the customer’s total expenditure on the website over a certain period of time in relation to the rate of returns found over the same period (considering that an excessively high rate of returns over a certain period of time is a potential indicator that the customer is not a “genuine” consumer), and/or the existence and recurrence over time of past episodes of unacceptable returns (such as, for example, the repeat return of a different product compared to the item purchased, of a product not listed in the Vendor’s catalogue, of products that have been tampered with or damaged, etc.). These inquiries will be conducted only for the time strictly required to gather relevant evidence showing or excluding a potential intent to defraud or the lack of genuine consumer status. Customer Care will promptly inform the customer concerned of the launch of inquiries by sending a personal message and/or by direct telephone call. The notification will give the customer the chance to submit remarks and observations of any kind. In the event that the inquiries conducted by the Vendor and the information provided by the customer should produce evidence suggesting or demonstrating, beyond all reasonable doubt, an abuse of the return policy, and hence an intent to defraud or a “non-genuine” purchase by the customer, the Vendor will be entitled to ban the customer permanently from making other purchases on the website, notifying the customer of the measure by the same means as above (personal message and telephone call from Customer Care).

It is understood that the user may always and, in any case, choose to appeal against the imposition of the aforesaid ban to the Mediation Service of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, to which YOOX agrees to submit.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the transmission by the users of and acceptance by the Vendor of order proposals relating to products on

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not apply to the provision of services or the sale of products by third parties that are shown on via links, banners or other hypertext connections.

2. How to execute a sale contract with the Vendor

To conclude a contract of sale for the purchase of one or more products on, a purchase order must be sent online to the Vendor by completing the order form found on and following the instructions provided. The provision of a valid and existing email address is essential for the purchase order to be duly accepted; otherwise, YOOX reserves the right to cancel any purchase order sent from an invalid or inexistent email address. When you purchase one or more products sold by a Partner on, you enter into a contract of sale directly with the Partner, whom you can contact using the contact details provided in the pop-up window that opens when you click on the Partner’s name on a product page.

Before proceeding to purchase your products, we ask that you carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Return Policy, print a copy using the print option and keep it safe for your own personal use. Before proceeding to purchase your products, we will provide you with a summary of our commercial and contractual conditions of sale, a summary of the main characteristics of each product ordered and its unit price (including all applicable fees and taxes), the type of payment you may use to purchase each product, shipping methods for the purchased products, shipping and delivery costs, the Vendor's information, address and how to contact the Vendor, and the delivery date of the products. The Vendor will also provide you with a summary of the terms and conditions for returning purchased products. If relevant to the purchase, you will also be informed of whether you will have to bear the cost of returning the products. You will be reminded of the legal guarantee of product conformity, and we will provide you with information for contacting our after-sales service and also remind you that you can use the European Commission's platform for alternative out-of-court resolution of disputes, available on the website

On the confirmation page of the receipt of the order proposal, and which contains a reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Return Policy, we will provide you with a summary of the main characteristics of each product indicated in the order proposal, the price (including all applicable fees and taxes), and the cost of shipping (including any additional fees you may be charged if you choose shipping that is faster than and/or different to standard shipping).

Your order proposal is an irrevocable offer to buy the products. Before submitting the order proposal form, you will therefore be asked to identify and correct any possible input errors.

Upon submission of an order proposal form, we will email you a message confirming receipt of your order proposal. This email is an acknowledgement that the Vendor has received your order proposal, and does not confirm acceptance of it.

The contract shall be deemed concluded when the Vendor accepts your order proposal. The Vendor will send you a second email confirming the acceptance of the order proposal and the dispatch of the products. This email will include a copy of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and a summary of the Return Policy.

The order proposal form sent to the Vendor will be filed in our database for the time required to process it and as stated by law. You may access your order proposal form in the My Orders section.

English is the language used for finalising the contract with the Vendor.

The Vendor may not accept order proposals that do not provide sufficient guarantees of solvency, are incomplete or incorrect, or if the products are no longer available.

In this event, the Vendor shall inform you via email that the contract has not been executed and that the Vendor has not accepted your purchase order proposal, specifying the reasons thereof. If the products displayed on are no longer available or for sale at the time your order proposal is received or fulfilled, then the Vendor shall inform you of the unavailability of the products you wish to purchase within thirty (30) days from the day after you submitted your order proposal to the Vendor. If you have already paid for the products, the Vendor will refund the amount paid without undue delay and the contract between the parties will be deemed terminated.

The Vendor reserves the right not to accept order proposals in the cases outlined in sub-section 1.3.

By submitting an order proposal form, you unconditionally accept and undertake to observe the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Vendor. Should you not agree with certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not submit your order proposal form for the purchase of products on

By submitting an order proposal form, you agree and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as further conditions contained on, including those accessed via links, and including the General Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and the Return Policy.


3. Guarantees and product price indication

YOOX exclusively sells luxury and top-quality products. These products are purchased by YOOX directly from fashion houses, manufacturers and dealers, carefully selected for their stringent quality control.

YOOX does not sell secondhand goods, flawed products or products of a lower quality than the corresponding standards found on the market. Only vintage products, which are listed in the specific “Pre-owned” section of and are sold by Partners, may be secondhand and/or show signs of wear, given the specific nature of the products. In the description of each vintage product, the Partner will specify the conditions of the garment offered. YOOX does not perform checks on the authenticity or original provenance of such products. Given that products sold by Partners in the Pre-owned section are vintage garments, normal signs of wear associated with the age of the goods do not constitute a defect or nonconformity. As such, no warranty is afforded on signs of wear reported in the product description.

On, in addition to products sold by YOOX, you can also find products sold by Partners. Partners warrant that the products they sell are not secondhand, faulty or of lower quality than the corresponding standards found on the market, with the exception of the cases envisaged under section 3.2 above.

The main characteristics of the products are shown on each product page on The images and colours of the products displayed on may not correspond exactly to the true garments due to the internet browser or monitor used.

Prices are subject to change. Please check the final price before sending your order proposal form. In the event of a recognisable error in the indication - by the Vendor - of the product price or calculation of the amount requested at payment, the Vendor will not accept the order proposal and contact the user to offer them the opportunity to send a purchase order proposal for the product(s) at the correct price.

The Vendor cannot accept purchase requests from countries not listed on the splash page.

All products sold by YOOX come with an identification tag with a disposable seal attached. All products sold by Partners come with an identification tag attached.

Without prejudice to the application of the mandatory consumer protection provisions, all products sold on are covered by a twenty-four (24) month guarantee for lack of conformity, as provided by the applicable law. Please contact our Customer Care team regarding any defective YOOX products. To inform Partners about any defective products they have sold, fill in the form that opens when you select “Contact the Partner” in the “My Orders” section. In case of lack of conformity, you may choose between the repair or replacement of the product. If these remedies are impossible or disproportionate, you are entitled to either require the Vendor to make an appropriate reduction in the price or to terminate the contract.

Prices are displayed in accordance with the rules on price reduction announcements in the EU Directive 2019/2161. Therefore, any announcement of a price reduction shall indicate the lowest price applied by the Vendor in the 30 days prior to the application of such reduction, within the limits and pursuant to the aforementioned rules.

4. Payment

Payment of the price of the products and the costs of their shipping and delivery must be made using one of the methods indicated on the order proposal form. Under no circumstances will you be charged more than the cost incurred by the Vendor relative to the payment method chosen by you.

In the case of payment by credit/debit card, all details (for example, card number or expiration date) will be sent via an encrypted protocol to Banca Sella, or to other banks which provide remote electronic payment services, without third parties having any access whatsoever thereto. These details will not be used by the Vendor except for carrying out procedures relevant to your purchase, or issuing refunds in the case of returns, subsequent to the exercise of your right to return, or for reporting cases of fraud on to the police. The price for the purchase of products and the costs for their shipping and delivery as indicated on the order proposal form will be charged to your account at the moment in which the purchased products are shipped.

5. Value Vouchers

Value vouchers are personalised codes, also referred to as YOOXCODES, which allow you to take advantage of a discount on your purchase on that can be applied exclusively to items sold by YOOX.

The YOOXCODE box is displayed on the first page of the Checkout: after you have added your items to the Shopping Bag and entered your code, press New Total. In the pop-up window, you will need to select the item to which you wish to apply your voucher. Select the item and press APPLY. Value vouchers can be used only on a single item from your order, therefore any other item inserted in the Shopping Bag will not receive a discount.

Restrictions to the use of value vouchers:
-   the value voucher can be used only once, with the exception of returns (as specified in paragraph 5.4);
-   the value voucher cannot under any circumstances be exchanged for money;
-   you may not use more than one value voucher per order proposal;
-   the value voucher can be applied only to one item per order proposal;
-   the value voucher can be applied only to items with a higher value than the voucher itself;
-   the value voucher cannot be applied to any Sample Sale or Charity Sale items. It may not be used for items sold on by Partners.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the item to which you applied the value voucher by following the standard return procedure, as described in the Return Policy. Once your return has been accepted, you may request the reactivation of the code with its original value. The difference in price between the value voucher and the item you purchased will be fully reimbursed, following the standard refund procedure.

6. Shipping and delivery

For information about product shipping and delivery procedures of products sold by YOOX, please visit the Customer Care area. Please read this section carefully. The specific Shipping and Delivery methods for products sold by Partners are provided within each product page.
The information provided therein is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and, consequently, it shall be assumed that you have fully read and accepted them when you submit your order proposal.

7. Customer Care

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care. For more information, please visit the Customer Care area.

8. Return Policy

Please click here for the details of our Return Policy, which is part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

9. Refund times and procedures

Regardless of the payment method used, the full or partial refund will be processed by the Vendor as quickly as possible and, in any case, within fourteen (14) days of the date the Vendor was notified of your decision to withdraw, once full compliance with the return procedures and the returned products have both been verified.

The Vendor will refund you using the same payment method you used for purchasing the returned products, unless you have expressly agreed with the Vendor on a different payment method and under the condition that you will not be subject to any additional charge as a consequence of the refund. If the recipient of the products indicated in the order proposal form is different from the individual who made the payment for such products, and if the right to withdraw from the sale contract is then exercised, the refund will be made by the Vendor to the individual who made the payment.

The credit's value date will be the same as the original debit. You will not, therefore, suffer any losses in terms of bank interest.


10. Moneyoox

Exclusively for products purchased from YOOX, if you are based in one of the following countries: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, as an alternative to receiving a refund on your Credit/Debit Card, PayPal account or your Bank Account, you can choose to receive a credit ("Moneyoox") to your online MYOOX account equal to the value of the refund that you are entitled to.

If you want to receive Moneyoox instead of having your Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Account refunded, you must select the corresponding box on the Return Form.

The refund amount will be credited when YOOX accepts your return. Upon issue of Moneyoox you will receive a confirmation email indicating the store credit amount.

Moneyoox will be used partially or in full towards purchases on exclusively for products sold by YOOX based on the order's value and until the store credit is used up.

To find out how much Moneyoox you have, consult MYOOX. You can also request full reimbursement of your Moneyoox, and we will credit the amount by bank transfer or to your PayPal account. Receiving a refund in the form of Moneyoox is non-transferrable and is available only to MYOOX registered users.

If you return items paid in full with Moneyoox, you will automatically be refunded with Moneyoox when those returned items are accepted.

If you return items partially paid with Moneyoox, you may choose to:
- receive a full refund with Moneyoox
- receive a partial refund with Moneyoox for the amount paid with Moneyoox, and the standard refund procedure for the remaining amount.

YOOX will process the full reimbursement of your Moneyoox within 48 hours of receiving your request. YOOX shall not be responsible in the event of incomplete or wrong bank information.

After using part or asking for a complete refund of your Moneyoox, you can consult the corresponding MYOOX section to check how much Moneyoox you have left or that the total reimbursement took place.

Moneyoox issue and use: choosing a refund in the form of Moneyoox is available only to MYOOX registered customers and in relation to returned merchandise that has been sold by YOOX and paid for. Refunds cannot be made via Moneyoox for orders that include products sold by Partners or both products sold by Partners and products sold by YOOX together.

Moneyoox cannot be used together with Value Vouchers (see paragraph 5).

11. Privacy Policy

You will find information on how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Please also read, if you haven't already done so, our General Terms and Conditions of Use.

For further information on our Privacy Policy, you can contact our Customer Care, by selecting "Privacy", or by sending a request to the email address or to the registered office of the Vendor (YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A., via Morimondo, 17 – Milan 20143, Italy).

12. Governing law and dispute resolution

Without prejudice to the application of the mandatory consumer protection provisions, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by the Italian Consumer Code and by Italian legislative decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003 ("Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market").

In the event of a dispute between YOOX and an end user arising from the General Terms and Conditions of Use, please note that the European Commission provides a platform for alternative out-of-court resolution of disputes, available on the website

For any disputes arising from purchases and/or these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the competent court shall be that of the consumer's place of domicile or residence in accordance with applicable law or, at the consumer's request, the Court of Milan.

For all disputes relating to contracts concluded with Partners, please contact the Partner directly. We remind you that, in all cases, the Court of the place of domicile or residence of the consumer shall have exclusive jurisdiction, according to the applicable law.

13. Amendments and updates

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due to changes in the law. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale are effective as of the date of publication on