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PLEASE NOTE: the following policy applies exclusively to claims made by third-party vendors or YOOX partners (« Partners »). If you are our client and wish to make a claim, please contact our Customer Care .

YOOX has provided an internal policy for managing claims made by Partners, which is easy to access and free of charge. The claims are dealt with within a reasonable time frame and the system is based upon the principles of transparency with equal treatment for equal situations.

Partners may present a claim to YOOX regarding matters outlined in section 21.2 of our Marketplace Contract via email at:, describing the nature of the matter and pertinent details and including any and all necessary documents to support the claim whenever relevant and available. YOOX will deal with the claim in a timely manner following the procedure outlined in article 21 of our Marketplace Contract .

From 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024, no formal claims were made by our Partners. However, it should be noted that requests were made for clarification on the following kinds of questions:

- Questions about decisions surrounding limitations or suspension or termination of the Partner’s account

- Questions about positioning parameters (“ranking”)

- Questions about the invoicing system